Stainless DCT Tank Re-Filling Tool


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  • Produced by: SMOK - Smoktech

Stainless Steel DCT Refilling Tool
This is a refilling tool for your 3.5ml, 4.5ml, or 5ml "DCT" dual coil tank.  It is a funnel with 2 side holes at the base that allow for easy filling of your tank without making a mess. To operate, remove the drip tip, and place the refilling tool in the end of the cartomizer like you would a drip tip.  Then push down until the tank is seated all the way down on the top of the tank, which will slide the cartomizer out the bottom of the tank.  You will see the side holes of the tool inside the tank.  Then add your favorite e-liquid. For best results, tip the tank to the side slightly while filling in order for air to escape as the liquid fills the tank. Once filled, slide the Cartomizer back up into the tank until flush with the bottom of the tank. Remove filling tool, fill cartomizer with E-Liquid (if new & empty), then replace Drip Tip.
Price is per each Filling Tool, multiple items shown for illustration. DCT Tank shown for filling instruction, tank not included.