Kanger SSOCC Coil Subtank Mini & Nano 0.5ohm - 5-Pack


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New! 5pc Upgraded SSOCC Nichrome Coils (0.5ohm) for KangerTech Nebox & Topbox & Subvod & Subtank Mini & Subtank Nano & Subtank Plus 0.5ohm - 5-Pack

Those replacement SSOCC were upgraded for Nebox, feature pure organic Japanese cotton wicks. 
It is also compatible with other KangerTech atomizers: Toptank Nano, Subtank Mini, Subtank Nano & Subtank Plus.
The description is correct (Nichrome).  The "Stainless Steel" reference pertains to the coil head, not the wire which is Nichrome. 

Here is a full list of the compatible products:
A. Nebox 
B. Toptank Nano 
C. 3.2ml Topbox Nano Kit 
D. 3.2ml Subvod Kit 
E. 1.9ml Subvod Kit 
F. Subox Nano Kit 
G. Subox Mini Kit 
H. Subtank Nano Atomizer 
I. Subtank Nano SS Atomizer 
J. Subtank Mini Atomizer 
K. Subtank Mini SS Atomizer
L. Subtank Plus Atomizer 

1. Drip 2 drops of ejuice into top center of the SSOCC head before screw the head into the base;
2. After refilling the tank, please wait for 30 seconds before vaping.

Brand: KangerTech
Unit: 5pc/pack
Resistance: 0.5ohm
Material: Nichrome

Please Note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers, replacement coils, and other "consumable" items.
UPC: 854485005933