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The SMOK Kick Clone  is Boosted Power Regulation in the form of a drop in module designed to be used in various "Metal" tube devices with IMR batteries. The Kick is designed to be used in 18650 sized metal tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) using an 18490 or 18500 IMR battery. It can also be used in 18500 sized tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) with an IMR 18350 battery. The Kick’s Power Regulation microprocessor will automatically, and constantly, adjust both the volts and amps levels (as needed) to provide consistent watts (vaping heat) output. It operates in a range of 3 to 12 Watts.  Only use IMR batteries with The Kick. Price is per each item.
Please note: "Mechanical" items, and supplies are for Advanced Vapers / Hobbyists only. These items require some assembly, and testing prior to use. Coils, mesh, wicks, and the assembly needs to be tested with an adequate meter for ohms resistance, shorts, etc... prior to using on a device. Damage to the device or batteries may occur when improper assemblies are used. Please check your device for amperage limits / ohm range compatibility to ensure proper operation.