EhPro Stillare v2 Clone Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer- Stainless


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The Stillare v2 Clone Rebuildable Stainless Steel Dripping Atomizer  is a 510 Threaded Atomizer. "3-Post System" on this RDA. Includes Atomizer with wire, wick, and a small screwdriver. This Atomizer will hold more liquid than a standard 510 atomizer so you don't need to refill as often. Coil and Wicks are replaceable rather than replacing the entire atomizer. Adjustable airflow by twisting center tube. Price is per atomizer. Approx. 22mm diameter and 53mm height. Note: Some have the "Engraved Logo" and some do not have the Logo.
Please note: "Rebuildable" items, and supplies are for Advanced Vapers / Hobbyists only. These items require some assembly, and testing prior to use. Coils, mesh, wicks, and the assembly needs to be tested with an adequate meter for ohms resistance, shorts, etc... prior to using on a device. Damage to the device or batteries may occur when improper assemblies are used. Please check your device for amperage limits / ohm range compatibility to ensure proper operation.