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  • Produced by: SMOK - Smoktech

The FUSE by SMOK is a safety module for mechanical mods. Rated for a 5-amp limit, meaning that when you are vaping at 5 amps or higher, the fuse will introduce a safety cut-off. The Fuse is magnetic and is most effective when placed on the bottom of your battery, with the "button" touching the bottom of the battery.  Without The Fuse, a mechanical mod will not stop firing as long as the button is pressed. If left unattended, the mod can fire for minutes at a time, causing battery venting and excessive heat. The Fuse prevents that by breaking the circuit after a period of time. The Fuse will trip after 20 seconds at 5 amps, and the more amperage that is drawn from the battery, the shorter the amount of time it takes for The Fuse to trip. After The Fuse is tripped, it is re-usable after a brief period of time. The Fuse adds approximately 5mm to the length of your battery and will not affect vaping performance under normal use. Price is per Fuse item. Approx. 11/16" diameter and 5mm in height. May not fit all devices.
Please note: "Rebuildable" items, Mechanical Devices, and supplies are for Advanced Vapers / Hobbyists only. These items require some assembly, and testing prior to use. Coils, mesh, wicks, and the assembly needs to be tested with an adequate meter for ohms resistance, shorts, etc... prior to using on a device. Damage to the device or batteries may occur when improper assemblies are used. Please check your device for amperage limits / ohm range compatibility to ensure proper operation.