Kanger E-Smart 510 Single Kit - Black


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Single E-Smart Kit by KangerTech with slender 510 sized battery for leisure vaping. Battery has the "5-Click Off" safety feature to keep from accidentally being activated.  Slender size design adds a classy feel to this set. 

The Kanger eSmart Blister Kit is one of the most convenient and economically stable device since vaping first starter. This little device has stood the test of time being one of the most used in most if not all vapor circles. The most common use for the eSmart Kit is to introduce cigarette smokers into vaping, with something simple they are ok with learning. The eSmart is the essence of basic, and the embodiment if ease. The ease of the eSmart Kit is its simple disposable tank, fair rechargeable battery life, and portability. For something so small it has a wide range of customization options and utility and brings immense value to the newly found vaper when dealing with a massive influx of Salt nicotine E-juice which is often to thin for Sub-ohm tanks, while also being a reliable daily driver for the more advanced crowd. No it doesn't chuck massive clouds. But it get's the job done, and has gotten it done since it was released. The eSmart has been many vapers 1st vape. It's the best introduction tool for a future long term vaper.


(1) Battery, Manual Switch, 320mah
(1) 1.2ml E-Smart BCC Tank
(1) USB Battery Charger

Size of battery: Height 75mm; Diameter 11mm
Size of clearomizer:Height 66mm; Diameter 11mm


Recommended Accessories:
Additional "E-Smart" Tanks, and replacement Coils
E-Liquid for re-filling Tanks