Innokin iTaste VV/VW 3.0 Single Kit (Aspire Tank) - Black


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Innokin Express Kit with iTaste VV/VW 3.0 battery (eGo threading). Also includes an "Aspire Ce5 BDC" tank!

1. The upgraded battery has a big improvement on the regular iTaste VV battery that the upgrade battery can work at 2 modes: Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage. You can easily switch 2 modes so you can use the battery on most atomizers or cartomizers without changing batteries.
In the Variable Voltage mode, you can adjust the voltage by 0.1 volt increment easily from 3.0v to 5.0v.
In the Variable Wattage mode, you can adjust the Wattage by 0.5 watt increment easily from 6.0 w to 11 w.

2. The upgraded battery has an improved USB port that uses a universal USB cable.
the battery comes with eGo threading which can fit all atomizers or clearomizers with 510/eGo threading like Evod BCC clearomizer or Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer, and the included Aspire Ce5 BDC tank.


Additional battery features:
* The battery can automatically recommend a suitable voltage setting for the attached cartomizer/atomizer.So don't worry about which voltage you need to choose from now. You can also increase the voltage higher than the recommended resistance.
* The battery's button has 3-click On/Off switch. Press the button 3 click within 1-2 seconds. You can turn the battery on or off.
* The battery has 10 Second safety cutout time. when you use it over 10 seconds nonstop, the battery button will flash 8 seconds and stop to work, which prevents the battery from overheating.
* The battery button led can display remaining battery capacity. Green led means fully charged;Yellow led means 50% capacity; Red led means the battery needs charging. Please check graphic instruction.
* The battery has short circuit Protection, which can prevent the battery from overheating.
* The battery has Over-Discharge Protection, which will automatically turn off the battery when the battery is discharged.
* The battery has Low Voltage Warning. When the voltage is lower than 3.3V, the red LED will flash 8 times. Then the battery stop producing vapor, which tells that you need to recharge the battery. If you keep using the battery without recharging, the red LED will flash 8 times twice, then the battery will turn off automatically.
* The battery can work as Passthrough with the USB charging cable
* The battery will shut off automatically to protect itself if it keeps working  for 10 seconds.

The battery can NOT be charged by a 420mah USB EGO battery charger.


(1) VV/VW Battery, Manual Switch, 800mah
(1) Aspire Ce5 BDC Tank
(1) USB Charging Cable (retractable)
(1) Instruction manual
(1) Gift Box


Recommended Accessories:
Additional "Aspire Ce5 BDC" Tanks, and replacement Coils
E-Liquid for re-filling Tanks