IMR 18650 2000mah Efest Battery - Flat Top

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  • Model/SKU: 1107_Efest_1504
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  • Produced by: Efest

IMR 18650 2000mah  Rechargeable 3.7 volt Protected Battery "Flat Top", Can be used in E-Cig Personal Vaporizers or Flashlights

Price is per each Battery, multiple items shown for illustration. 

All batteries may explode or burst into flame if used improperly or mistreated, so please do not store your battery in a pocket, purse, or other metal-containing objects to avoid short-circuit.
Do not disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, short-circuit, incinerate, or expose to water, fire, or high temperature above 100°C or 212°F. Do not remove the tight plastic layer on positive (+) and negative (-).
Do not use the battery if battery wrapper is damaged. It is your responsibility to understand the dangers as well as the proper procedures for handling all batteries.