Metrix Spinner / Twist Battery 650mah - Various Colors


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METRIX 650MAH TWISTY BATTERY - COLOR VARIES, Random Color will be sent based on availability

650mah Battery Capacity EGO, EGO-T Twist Battery. Smaller size 650mah battery makes for a more "pocket friendly" Vape when out and about. Battery has the "5-Click Off" safety feature to keep it from accidentally being activated. Twist function (turning chrome end cap at end of battery) adjusts voltage from 3.2v up to 4.8volts.  Note: Charger is included,  charges with a normal 420mah EGO USB battery charger.

Each battery will typically last a full day or longer without needing to be recharged. Not manufactured by Joye, Joyetech, Vision, etc...