Single Coil 510 Single Hole Pre-Punched Tank Cartomizer 3.0ohm

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  • Produced by: SMOK - Smoktech

Replacement DCT Tank Cartomizer with Flange. Single Coil SR 3.0ohm Cartomizer with 510 threaded connection. These are the 510DCT size with flange & Single pre-punched hole with Stainless Steel finish.  Price is per each Cartomizer. (Single small Pre-Punched Hole)

3.0ohm (+- 0.2%)
510 Battery Connection, 9.2mm diameter
45mm Length above flange
fits chrome and plastic 510 drip tips (sold separately)

These cartomizers are empty (blank) so that you may fill with your choice of e-liquid. Soft rubber easily removable end caps on these cartomizers make filling with e-liquid a breeze. You may also use a 510 size drip tip to replace the rubber end cap. Be careful to drip the e-liquid around the sides, avoiding the center hole. Each cartomizer can be re-filled several times before discarding. It is recommended to use 20 to 30  or more drops of e-liquid for the first filling. As the cartomizer starts to produce less vapor, add between 5 to 10 drops of e-liquid. Allow the cartomizer to sit upright for a few minutes during the first filling to allow liquid to soak down through the absorbent filler material. Please note: the heating coil located at the bottom of the cartomizer needs to be wet with e-liquid before use. "Dry Firing" the cartomizer may burn up the heating coil.

Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.