Dual Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger HG-1210W

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Dual Universal Li-Ion battery charger for 3.7 volt Li-Ion batteries, or 3.0 volt LifePo4 batteries. Universal Battery Charger fits 10440,14500,16340,17670, 18350,18500,18650, and CR123 Li-Ion batteries. HG-1210W Model Charger with 2 charging voltage settings (4.2v setting used when charging 3.7v batteries, 3.6 volt setting is for LifePo4 batteries only). Only 1 type of battery can be charged at a time. 750 ma output at 3.6 volts and 650 ma output at 4.2 volts, charges batteries fast. Smart electronics chooses the fastest charging method based on the inserted batteries. Plugs directly into a wall outlet and a single LED provides charge status for both channels. A/C cord is approx. 2 feet long. Easy to use and operate. May be used with a 12volt Accessory plug, (Cable and Plug not included).