Blackcell BU4 Battery Charger


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Blackcell BU4 Charger

The Blackcell BU4 Charger is a diverse quad bay charger able to charge 33 different sized cells! That's including our trusty 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650 cells. The BU4 charger comes with a microcomputer-controlled charging system just like its baby brothers, it automatically detects (NI-MH) batteries and Li-ion batteries as well. The implementation of the micro computer makes for a safer and more accurate charging process.

Charger Features:

Input Voltage: DC: USB-5V 2A
Output Voltage: 1.48v, 4.2±0.05V
Output USB: 5V/1000mA
Output current: 2000mA*1 battery   1000mA*2 batteries   500mA*4 batteries
Constant voltage, cutoff current: <100mA
External power supply standby current:< 15.0mA
Size: 111mm*86mm*32mm
Weight: 122.7(Charger Only)
IMR/Li-ion: 20700, 21700 / 26650 / 22650 / 18650 / 18490 / 18350 / 17670 / 17500 / 16340(RCR123) / 14500 / 10440
Package Contents:

1x Blackcell BU4 Charger
1x USB Cable


Never use your battery chargers for batteries other than the ones described and detailed on the package in which it came.
Making attempts to charge batteries other than what the charger calls for is seriously threatening and may even cause bodily injury. Because batteries contain Lithium-Ion, serious damage can occur if improperly used.
Carefully read the battery charger’s instruction manual as well as the safety information provided to you.  Adhere to all of the directions and proper operation of the charger within the manual.
Only use your battery charger indoors. Exposing your charger to high/low outdoor temperatures or high humidity can ruin the charger.
Do not store or expose this charger to water.
Never take apart or tamper with the battery charger.
Do not expose your battery charger near open flames.
Do not leave batteries unattended.

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