4-Slot Universal 3.7v Li-Ion Battery Charger - LUC V4 Digital


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  • Produced by: Efest

4-Slot Universal Efest LUC V4 Digital LCD readout battery charger for 3.7 volt Li-Ion batteries. 3.7 volt Universal Battery Charger  (will fit 10340, 10440 14430, 14500,16340,17670, 18350,18500,18650, 26650 Li-Ion batteries) Efest Brand Charger with 4 Independent Charging channels. LCD Voltage for each channel shows 4.2v when fully charged, and progress indicators while charging. Charges batteries to 4.2 volts at 500ma, 1amp, or 2amp depending on chosen setting (3-modes available) see manual for details. Includes 12 / 24 volt Accessory plug, and cable for use in automobile, or other 12v DC charging source. USB output port to charge additional Electronic devices such as Cell phone, etc... US plug on wall adapter.

Note: Batteries shown for illustration only, batteries not included.