IMR 18650 2600mah TESIYI Battery - 40 Amp High Drain -Flat Top


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TESIYI  40amp High Discharge rate 18650 Battery

IMR 18650 2600mah  Rechargeable 3.7 volt Protected Battery "Flat Top", Can be used in E-Cig Personal Vaporizers or Flashlights

Type: T18650
Capacity: 2600mah 9.6WH
Voltage: 3.7V
Quick Charge Current: 2.6A 2600mA (1.0C5rate) 1C (1A current recommended)
Quick Discharge Current: 13000mA (5.0C5rate) 5C
Max Discharge Current: 30000mA 30A
Pulse Discharge Current: 40000mA 40A
Initial Impedance Max: 15mΩ
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